Below, we will provide some methodological information concerning the way we obtain and estimate the results presented in this blog, first we present some of our publications.

Recent reports about reputation analysis, by MRI Universidad de Navarra researchers.



A list of publications by MRI Universidad de Navarra people about discourse analysis, media and reputation, preferences analysis.

  • Pujol, Francesc (2009), “An Unconventional Composite Index of International Influence”, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Vol. 11 (1), pp. 145-157
  • Pujol, Francesc (2009), “Measuring US Presidents’ Political Commitment for Fiscal Discipline Between 1920 and 2008” in Imbeau, Louis (ed), Do They Walk Like They Talk? Speech and Action in Policy Processes, Studies in Public Choice, Springer. (Download the Working Paper version)
  • Pujol, F. and L. Weber (2003), “Are Fiscal Preferences Endogenous?”, Public Choice, Vol 114 (3-4), pp. 421-444. (Download a preliminar version).
  • Pujol, Francesc (2003), “La posición de internacional de España según The Economist”, Boletín de Estudios Económicos, Vol. 58, pp. 543-559.
  • Pujol, F (1998), “La politique budgétaire du Canton de Genève de 1970 à 1995. Un divorce inévitable entre le discours politique et l’évolution des finances publiques?”, Revue économique et sociale, Vol. 56 (3), pp. 157-188.