About Reputation-Metrics

Reputation-Metrics is a blog created by the center of Media, Reputation and Intangibles at Universidad de Navarra, Spain.

This blog was created initially as a channel to show our analysis concerning the vast reputational crisis created by the publication of US State confidential information leaked by Wikileaks. We based all our results on the measurement and analysis of media impact of this issue. The former name of this blog was in fact Wikileaksreputationcrisis.

Soon we decided to expand the scope of the reputation crisis studied and presented, using the platform of the blog already created.

Since late 2010 we have presented in this blog our analysis of very different events and issues. They share all in common the fact that they suppose a crisis and a reputation problem. We propose in all cases an analysis based in media impact and media content analysis.

Media impact measurement and analysis is the specificity and the main line of expertise of the research center behind this blog. We measure at the center of Media, Reputation and Intangibles, MRI Universidad de Navarra, the perceived reputation of all kind of brands based on newspapers content analysis. We have also expanded our source information to various social media channels (Twitter, Youtube, TripAdvisor)

The goal of this blog is merely to provide empirical results to all interested people and institutions on the implications of reputation crisis. Consequently, we do not propose any personal consideration or analysis about the legal, political or ethical implications of this case.