The Funniest Thing Ever? Some Metrics About Youtube Video ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ by Mister Epic Mann

Mister Epic Mann, ‘one of a kind’, is one of these Youtube video channels run by anonymous amateur people wanting to create new content. Many hope to become Youtube stars. Only few of them reach their goal.

Apparently, Mister Epic Mann is becoming a global Youtube comic star with their video number 31. Comic videos by Mister Epic Mann usually feauture two College roommates. Their goal this time was to show us ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’.

The video was upload by April 8, 2013.

Four days after, it counts with more than 20 million views. Previous record for Mister Epic Mann was slighly more than 1 million visits. So, probably a new star is born.

We want to provide in this post some metrics about this viral success story born in Youtube, but as always, nourished also by the other social media platforms.

Before presenting you some numbers, we are pleased to show you the characters present in the video.

analysis video how animals eat their food

alligator video how animals eat their food imact metrics

lizard video how animals eat their food youtube impact analysis april 2013

whale video how animals eat their food youtube funniest ever twitter

groundhog video how animals eat their food youtube yt twitter reaction april 2013 mri navarra


This is the video



Metrics of viral difusion

As people familiar with Youtube knows, viewing statistics in the initial days provided by Youtube are not adjusted to reality. This is not problematic for ordinary videos, but are useless for monitoring the development in the initial stages when the video goes viral or extremely popular almots from the very beginning. This is the case.

The only publicly available monitorable tool provided by Youtube is the number of votes and comments, which are updated in real time. As we were not aware of the existence of this channel and the video since the third day, we cannot use this information either.

We count with some indirect ways to tackle the viral dynamics of this video by checking the social conversation around the video in other social media platforms.

Twitter is our preferred tool to address this issue, once more. It is an open space that allows us to monitor all people publishing tweets about any single issue.

In this case, we monitor who is sharing the video in Twitter.

Next figure shows the evolution of the number of tweets by days that attach the official video, between 8 and 11 April 2013.

Our results show that only a small number of Twitter users noticed about the existence of the video. This concerned mostly to the people suscribed at that moment in Mister Eipc Mann Youtube channel (by April 13, 2013 they count with more than 700,000 subscribers).

The day after (9 April) was the crucial day where people outside the inner circle of suscribers started recommending viewing the funny video. The following day it already became a mainstream topic in Twitter. It was shared more than 12,000 times, some 5 times more than the day before. During the fourth day (April 11, 2013), social recommendation kept high, but didn’t grow anymore.

viral development in twitter of youtube video how animals eat their food mri navarra

(Update 14 April) We present additional information about the evolution of the video sharing in Twitter with the number of tweets written in English including the video as attachment, hour by hour (Pacific Coast Time), the following two days (April 12 and 13).

The daily evolution shows us that viewing is mainly driven by North America Twitter users. Intensity of ditribution by April 13 is barely half of the previous days number.

how animals eat their food twitter video sharing viral dynamics mri navarra

Total number of sharings by April 12 was some 6,800 tweets, and 3,900 the day after. So, the peak of viral dynamycs was reached in Twitter by April 11. If this video follows a standard time trend, April 11 record will not be reached again.

viral development in twitter of youtube video how animals eat their food mri navarra april 2013


Viewers’ reaction. Youtube metrics.

Youtube provides us the basic tool concerning the measure of satisfaction of people watching the video: the ratio like/dislike, plus the intensity of reaction and interaction.

The like/dislike ratio for ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ video is 97.8% of positive votes, after 20 million views. This is an excellent positive reaction score.

Even if ‘Animals’ is the video that is gaining international success, many other videos by Mister Epic Mann are highly appreciated by people. Among the videos with more than half a million views there are 7 videos receiving more than 97% of positive reviews.

Here the top five videos ranked by the like/dislike ratio.

















About the authors

Apparently, ‘the roommate’ is Ian Deibert. He is pursuing a Graphic Arts Major at Liberty University. This is his Facebook page. Mister Epic Mann is also a College student at Liberty University.


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