All tweets of Pope Benedict XVI @Pontifex – Content analysis and metrics of impact

We have archived all 39 tweets by Pope Benedict XVI in Twitter account @Pontifex and other 8 languages accounts.

You can find it in a specific blog we have created to analyze Pope Benedict XVI Twitter activity.

The blog is @Pontifex Content & Impact (access here).

Since 28 February 2013, 8pm Central European Time, The Holy See is under ‘Sede Vacante’ status, after Pope Benedict’s resignation enters into force.

Avatar Sede vacante avatar Twitter

Few minutes later, all existing tweets have been eliminated, while the accounts remain active but dormant. @Pontifex won’t be eliminated, but next elected Pope will decide wether or not to continue this new way of communicating the Christian message in the social media. The article in Forbes below includes statements from Monsignor Paul Tighe, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications:

It will then be up to the new pope to decide whether or not to keep the account running. “Obviously we leave all decisions to the new man,” wrote Tighe. “But we would hope that he might continue to use @pontifex, which would maintain continuity.

So, it is highly probable that the new Pope will use @Pontifex as channel for communication and the account will be activated again.

We don’t know if Pope Benedict XVI will be recovered again or not.

In any case, they can be checked all of them in our mentioned blog.

For us, at Reputation Metrics and at Media, Reputation and Intangibles Universidad de Navarra we find this case particularly interesting. It refers to a main religious leader in the world, with impact and influence also as Head of State or political-moral leader. And we count with all the content published in Twitter by this public authority.

This case is also particularly attractive because the message has been communicated in 9 main different languages. It offers us a complementary analysis about the different behaviour follower in terms of reaction and engagement in each language.

We will show in the @Pontifex Content & Impact blog our analysis concerning the metrics of the impact of all and every tweet by Pope Benedict XVI.

Some examples of our statistics

Evolution of new daily followers of all @Pontifex official Pope Benedict accounts media reputation intangibles

@Pontifex followers on twitter by language resignation 28 february 2013

Wordcloud of @Pontifex Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter 38 tweets 28 february 2013 mri universidad de navarra 2


Behavior of interaction, by languages

Papa Benedicto XVI en Twitter comportamiento rt por lenguas newsreputation


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