Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich. Social Media Impact Analysis

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Pep Guardiola left  football team FC Barcelona in May 2012 after four years as coach presenting an outstanding sport performance: his team was able to win 14 out of 18 national and international championships. He gained a status of top football coach. He is admired and prestigious.

He decided to take a sabbatical year, but he would come back to training after it. The only known thing was that he will not coach again FC Barcelona and any Spanish Liga team. He was pretended by top teams in Europe. Rumours were sustained about his choice since he provisionally retired.

Then, Bayern Munich announced by 16 January 2013 that they will count with Pep Guardiola as trainer for season 2013/14 to 2015/16, as current German team coach Jupp Heynckes retires at the end of this season.

This was the announcement in Twitter.


We will present in this post some metrics about the impact this decision has provoked in the social media.


Reaction in the social media: Twitter and Facebook

First we show the dynamics of the number of retweets RT received by the three tweets anouncing Pep Guardiola as new Bayern¡s coach in German, English and Spanish.

First message wa published by 4:48 pm CET. By 5:30 pm they had more than 15,000 RT. 20,000 mark was reached before 7:30pm. By 12pm they count with more than 21,600 RT.

Pep guardiola new coach of bayern munich reaction in twitter RT 2013

As for reaction in Facebook, we have chosen to monitor the number of likes and comments to the post announcing the hiring both in German and English.

It reached almost 8,000 likes by 5:30 pm. More than 10,000 by 6.30 pm. By 12 pm it count with slighly more than 16,000.

Pep Guardiola new trainer bayern muenchen facebook like reaction 2013


We compare in the following figure the dynamics of reaction followed in Twitter and Facebook. Here we estimate the share of total tweets published every 30 minutes.

We find that the virality is much more intense and concentrated within Twitter. 80% of all traffic is basically done after slighly more than one hour. At that time, only 60% of all likes have been activated in Facebook. One hour later (7 pm) 92% of all Twitter RT have been made, for 75% of all likes in Facebook.

Twitter Vs Facebook Dynamics pep guardiola training bayern munich reaction social media


Impact for Bayern Munich Standards

In order to assess how big and relevant are the number presented in the previous section, we provide the comparison with the interaction received by tweets published by the official Twitter account @Bayern in ‘normal times’. So, we estimate the interaction received by @Bayern by every single tweet published since January 1, 2013.

Top tweets by impact (measured by number of retweets, RT) receive some 500 RT. Pep hiring anouncement received more than 10,000 RT in just 3 hours.

The tweet receiving more interest in Twitter before Pep got 463 RT. The average tweet published in @Bayern receives some 109 RT.

The tweet published in German announcing Pep Guardiola as new coch got more than 10,000 RT, and 9,000 the one in English. This is some 100 times more than the average tweet published in Bayern Munich official Twitter account.

Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich Analysis Twitter Social Media Impact 2013


Impact for global football standards in the social media

It is evident that the announcement made in the official Twitter account is a milestone in recent Bayern Munich story. It is so al least in terms of media impact and social media impact.

Huge impact for Bayern, but how powerful is this impact within the context of the global brands in football? Those 12,000 RT reached are extraordinary number for Bayern Munich, but are they more ordinary ones for other top football brands? Consider that Bayern Munich counts with ‘just 100,000 followers in Twitter. Leading football references in Twitter are monsters by comparison. The combined five language accounts driven by FC Barcelona count with 14,8 followers. Real Madrid has 8 million followers. These two clubs from the Spanish Liga are the main references in Twitter, as the following team is Arsenal, with 2,1 million followers.

How many retweets are able to generate the tweets published in accounts counting with almost 150 times more followers? Clearly, this reference will help us to gauge the relevance and social media impact of the 12,000 RT reached by @Bayern.

We have monitored the RT and Fav received by each single tweet published in the following Twitter official accounts between January 1 2013 and January 16 2013: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, and then the leading team in each one of the big five football countries in Europe: England, Italy, France (and Germany and Spain). The leading references are AC Milan, Arsenal, Bayern Munich and PSG.

The figure below presents the results concerning the top 10 tweets by number of RT+Fav received.

We find that the tweet announcing in German that Pep Guardiola will become new Bayern Munich coach is the top tweet by social media impact. The tweet published in English by @Bayern takes the third position.

The other tweets in the top 5 position come all from FC Barcelona Twitter accounts. They refer to the fourth FIFA Ballon d’Or won by Leo Messi.

There are tweets from Real Madrid and Arsenal among top 10 list. They all have more than 5,000 RT.

Tweet with the highest impact by AC Milan just reached 2,000 interactions. PSG top tweet gets some 1,250 interactions. Finally, top tweet by Bayern Munich before Pep Guardiola arrival is just 500 RT+Fav.

Twitter media impact of top football teams barcelona madrid milan psg bayern arsenal

All these results tell us that football supporters all around the world perceive the decision taken by Pep Guardiola as one of the football moments of the year. Sport success in the crucial stages of the competition will generate tweets with higher impact that the ones we have captured since the beginning of year 2013, but our metrics suggest that Bayern Munich has entered into a new dimension as a brand by hiring Pep Guardiola.

Here the list of top 10 tweets between Jan1 and Jan 13 2013

1. FC Bayern

2. FC Barcelona

3. FC Bayern

4. FC Barcelona

5. FC Barcelona

6. Real Madrid (Real Madrid – Celta 4-0, Copa del Rey)

7. FC Barcelona

8. Real Madrid (Real Madrid – Celta 4-0, Copa del Rey)

9. Real Madrid (Real Madrid – Valencia 2-0, Copa del Rey)

10. Arsenal (Arsenal Vs Manchester City)


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