Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays? Twitter Content Analysis

Christmas time. A very special time in countries with Christian tradition.

This is a moment when many people send messages to relatives. Postcards was the traditional way to send Christmas messages. Then came also the e-mail. Now social media play a new role also in this aspect. There are many individuals and corporations that take advantadge of the personal and professional network created around Facebook and Twitter to send best wishes through these platforms, as a complement or even as a substitution to other traditional means to send greetings.

We have selected Twitter as channel to analyse the dynamics of Christmas related greetings. As Twitter is a completely open platform (in contrast with Facebook), any message can potentially be read by everyone, besides the inner circle of the Twitter user’s followers. This allows us to have access to the whole social conversation around a given issue, like Christmas greetings.

We have explored this case also as a means to show some results generated applying Twitter content analysis.

We have monitored Christmas greetings in Spanish (“Feliz Navidad” Vs “Felices fiestas). This is why we have published the complete report in Spanish, in our section ‘Casos en castellano’ (you can access it here: Felicitar la Navidad en Twitter).

We present here in this summary just the main findings.

  • Time distribution

39.6% of all greetings were sent by 24 December. 22.8% by 25 December. 31.5% between 21 and 23 December. Just 6.1% before 21 December.

distribucion temporal de las felicitaciones de navidad en twitter espana diciembre 2012

  • Peak hour: 24 December, 8pm

Below, the greetings tweets trend, hour by hour (24 and 25 December).

feliz navidad 2012 felicitaciones en twitter espana dinamica 24 25 diciembre

  • In Spain, 77.7% Twitter users use “Feliz Navidad” (Merry Christmas), while 22.3% choose “Felices fiestas” (Happy Holidays)

Below, the figure showing the evolution of “Feliz Navidad” rate, day by day.

proporcion de feliz navidad frente a felices fiestas diciembre 2012

  • Geolocalization: Pamplona, Valladolid, the cities in Spain using more profusely the expression “Feliz Navidad”. Madrid above national average, Barcelona below average.
  • Geolocalization Latin American Countries

Twitter geolocalization analysis applied to Spain and Latin American countries show that in many countries  “Feliz Navidad” is the only socially accepted form for greeting in Christmas time. In countries like Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, Feliz Navidad is used in more than 95% of all cases.

Argentina, Spain and Nicaragua are the countries where the greeting “Felices fiestas” has more followers, even if it is still a choice made by a minority of Twitter users.

peso de felicitacion feliz navidad en twitter 2012 paises peru chile cuba venezuela uruguay