Top 20 Ads 2012 in Youtube. Looking for Most Watched Or for Most Liked?

Adweek, in partnership with Google, presented by mid December 2012 the list of top 20 Most Watched Ads of 2012. The selection of these videos, is, according to Adweek:

Nike, Pepsi and Volkswagen, three global marketers that are old pros at creating blockbuster video content, produced the three most-watched commercials on YouTube this year, according to the video site’s 2012 Ads Leaderboard—a list of top branded spots with at least as many organic views as paid views throughout the year.

Adweek, YouTube’s 20 Most Watched Ads of 2012, December 13, 2012)

The site by Google, ‘Think with Google’ establishes a more stronger connection between number of views and a a ‘great ad’:

What makes an ad great? Simple: people choose to watch it. On YouTube, we see this more and more – fans are opting to view and share content they’re passionate about, be it a music video, a favorite show, or an ad. The 2012 YouTube Ads Leaderboard celebrates the U.S. ads that most moved audiences through a winning combination of promotion (paid ads) and popularity (organic views). And with over 200 million combined views, it’s proof that if you make it great, they will come., ‘YouTube 2012 Ads Leaderboard’ (December 2012)

We claim that, while viewing counting is a good selective variable for identifying successful ad campaigns, it is rather useless for helping us to determine, among popular commercials, which ones are the most interesting to watch.

Imagine that you had time just for waching 5 out of the top 20 list of most watched ads. If you do not count with any additional information, you will probably choose to watch top 5 ads by numbers of views. They attracted more people than other commercials in the list. If they are more popular, they probably deserve it, one should guess.

Yes, they surely deserve it. But not because of the attractiveness of the ad, or the positive reaction that they create among viewers. Not all ads present the same profile and characteristics. Some of them can count with  ingredients that create traffic whatever the quality of the ad.

A typical traffic-driver is to include sport stars or other celebrities in the ad. The more popular the star, the more the number of viewers the ad will attract, not because of the brand or the quality of the ad, but simply because it is shooting my idol.

This sort of bias creates a clear difference between most popular and most liked ads.

We propose in this post to present you the list of the  20 Most Liked Ads among YouTube’s 20 Most Watched Ads of 2012.

Our metrics are the result of the combination of liking ratio, reaction and participation ratio.

We provide first our top 3 list of Most Liked ads, and then we present the actual top 3 most watched ones. Like this you can compare which one of the content of these two list pleases you more.

Our list is completely different than the one based in number of views


Best Ad 2012: GoPro Camera “HERO3: Black Edition”

Quality: 85.14 points

(Rank by views: 7)


Top Ad 2012 #2: Old Spice “Bounce”

Quality: 75.90 points

(Rank by views: 14)


Top Ad 2012 #3: Samsung “The Next Big Thing is Already Here”

Quality: 61.30 points

(Rank by views: 4)


And this is the list of top 3 ads by views, as established by AdWeek/Google

Top Ad 2012: Nike Football “My Time Is Now”

(Rank by Quality: 5; 58.56 points)


Top Ad 2012 #2: Pepsi MAX “Uncle Drew”

(Rank by Quality: 7; 39.94 points)


Top Ad 2012 #3: Volkswagen “The Bark Side”

(Rank by Quality:  4; 59.36 points)


We present in the figure below the relationship between quantity (number of views) and quality (our measure of viewers satisfaction).

Although there is a certain positive relationship between both variables, as videos with more views tend to get better viewers’ ratings, such connection is rather weak. There are too many exceptions to this rule, as we find some views that perform poorly in terms of views but are ranked among the finest ones (green circle). The opposite also happens (red circle).

Top 20 best ads 2012 youtube commercials quality vs quantity views universidad de navarra 2


You can find below the list fo top 20 ads in English in Youtube 2012 ranked by their perceived quality.


Top 20 Ads 2012, ranked as Most Liked Ads.

(If you prefer to watch the ads ranked by views, visit Adweek site here)

1. GoPro Camera “HERO3: Black Edition”, 85.14 points (rank views: 7). See above.

2. Old Spice “Bounce”, 75.9 points (rank views: 14). See above.

3. Samsung “The Next Big Thing is Already Here”, 61.3 points (ranked views: 4). See above.

4. Volkswagen “The Bark Side”, 59.36 points (rank views: 3). See above.

5. Nike Football “My Time Is Now”, 58,56 (rank views 1). See above.


6. Old Spice “Vending Machine”, 55,48 (rank views 20)


7. Pepsi MAX “Uncle Drew”, 39.94 (rank views 2). See above.


8. Old Spice “Blown Mind”, 36,67 (rank views 13)


9. Nike Football “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Rafa Nadal”, 35.11 (rank views 9)


10. Chrysler “It’s Halftime in America”, 31.55 points (rank views 10)


11. Old Spice “Bed”, 29.9 Points (rank views 19)


12. Honda “Matthew’s Day Off”, 29.4 points (rank views 5)


13. Volkswagen “The Dog Strikes Back”, 28.5 points (rank views 6)


14. Chevrolet “2012”, 25.4 points (rank views 11),


15. Audi of America “Vampire Party”, 24.8 points (rank views 10)


16. Toyota “It’s Reinvented”, 22.4 points (rank views 16)


17. Hot Wheels “World Record: Corkscrew Jump”, 20.4 points (rank views 17)


18. Fiat “House Arrest”, 16.2 points (rank views 18)


19. Hot Pockets “Pocket Like It’s Hot”, 17 points (rank view 12)


20. Sauza Tequila “Make It With a Fireman”, 14.6 points (rank views 15)

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