Social media driven distractions in work place. By Red e Blog

Social media driven distractions in job places.

A very useful infographic created by Anne Keen from ‘Red e Blog‘, who teamed with Brian Wallace and Nowsourcing.

Even if normally we post in this blog only content created by ourselves, we consider relevant to reblog the results from the research about the influence of social media distractions in the work place.

You can access the original post ‘The social media monster is alive’ by Red e Blog here.

Things that I learnt from the statistics shown in the infographic:

  • Tasks done in parallel take the average user 30% longer than tasks performed in a sequence: loving the difficult task of my daily planification.
  • Reading e-mail  consume 28% of the average worker’s time. So, why not fixing your daily allocation of time to read mails, like for any other office task.
  • On average, workers are intrerrupted once every 10 minutes.

Social Media Monster [Infographic]
Courtesy of Red e App