The Images of 2012 Democratic Convention. News Content Analysis

We open a series of analysis about media metrics of US Presidential Elections 2012.

We run in the past several media coverage analysis concerning 2008 US Presidential Elections.

Republican party had its National convention one week ago. The Democratic Party is currently having its own convention. At this moment (September 6 2012), Democratic Convention is still open, and President Barack Obama is expected to deliver his speech this night, US time.

This post will we completed with additional data once the Convention is concluded. We show now analysis results concerning the first section of the Convention.

The period covered right now is pre-convention days, from September 1 to 3, and first two days of the Convention (September 4 and 5), with the main speeches delivered by Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

We have followed an image content analysis of news published concerning the coverage of the Democratic Convention, day by day. We have profusely used this metholodogy, and several of the previous posts rely on image content analysis. Please refer to previous posts in this blog for additional explanations about the procedure followed to obtain the empirical results.

We have followed several image content analysis drivers.

Time evolution of the media impact of the main political leaders.

The main purpose of the Convention is to create a strong positive momentum for the nominated candidate in the presidential race. Presenting the proposals and projects of the party is important, but much more important is to provide media visibility to the presidential candidate, Barack Obama. As said, Barack Obama has not yet delivered his speech. These two Convention day serve as preparation for his political message.

We show in the first figure the share of the media presence of Barack Obama compared to all main political leaders in the party.

His direct presence in the Convention is right now limited to greeting Bill Clinton when he took his speech.

According to our results, Barack Obama was practically the only media reference linked to the Democratic Convention before it started, getting  higher than 65% ratio between September 1 and 3. His presence dropped to just 10% in the first Convention day, and it increased slightly the second day, to 18%.

News images about Barack Obama in the days just before the Convention correspond both to pictures of him in campaign, or pictures concerning the 2008 Convention that propelled him as party candidate.

Vice President Joe Biden, who is running again in the Democratic Presidential ticket has not yet publicly spoken in the Convention. We show in the following figure his impact in the media.

According to our results, his presence in the media is marginal, moving between 0 and 5% of all images about leaders in the party.

The next case that we consider is First Lady Michelle Obama. She delivered the main speech in the first Convention day, September 4.

Her presence in the  media was negligible a couple of days before the Convention, but it already moved up to 17% just before the opening. Michelle Obama took a very noticeable share of 48% of all images about political leaders the day she took the speech. Her share resisted to 27% the day after. Our results confirm that media consider that Michelle played a major political role during the initial stages of the Convention.

We show in the following figure the results concerning the role played by main political leaders till now. We compare their share of media presence before the Convention and during first two days.

The figure includes the media references made to political rival Mitt Romney in relation with the Democratic Convention. He tends to disappear when the Convention starts. We count also with the measurement of the impact of the speech given by Bill Clinton. It provides him a visibility of some 16%, which is relevant, but quite lower than media impact collected by Michelle Obama.

Up to this moment, there is no image media reference at all to Hillary Clinton.


We will provide additional media content analysis using information from the following days of the Convention.

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