Which Mario Balotelli for Euro 2012 semifinal Italy vs Germany 2-1? A Image Content Analysis

We have now the two finalists of football UEFA Euro 2012: Spain vs Italy.

Spain was a favorite team to reach the final, and got the ticket in the penalty series against Portugal (0-0, penlaties 4-2).

Italy defeated favorite Germany in the other semifinal. This was an excellent football match, with one outstanding star: Mario Balotelli. He scored the goals for Italy.

Telling you that our image content analysis finds that Mario Balotelli is the main reference in the post-game media coverage is really not a big deal.

But we can try to provide relevant insights for sport business and branding by applying once more media coverage analysis to Euro 2012 matches, as we have done in several other entries in this blog.

The task we assume in this post is to show you which is the Mario Balotelli portrayed by the media after his outstanding sport performance. The answer to this question is less evident, as the controversial Italian star provided a lot of raw material for photographers and press, and journalists are obliged to pick just one of the images to include in the news article.

The semifinals and the final of top football championships like FIFA World Cup., UEFA Champions League and UEFA Euro create decissive branding impact in the football stars outperforming in these events. Massive media coverage create lasting images associated to the football stars. This creates value that will be translated into much more expensive sponsorship deals. Images also contribute to create the brand profile of the stars.

As explained, we have a lot of salient images about Mario Balotelli vs Germany: an excellent head first goal, a perfetly executed second goal with a powerful shot, a yellow card because mario stripped off the shirt after the second goal, showing a defiant attitude with a ripped torso, images of celebration, and naive images of Mario embrassing moved mum.

Our analysis has been made by monitoring post game media coverage of Italy Vs Germany in newspapers in Britain and Spain. We have applied as in the previous cases image content analysis.

Our results.

#1 Image of the match: Hulk Balotelli with shirless torso: 20.3% of all images.

#2 Image of the match: Mario celebrating with team: 16.1% of all images

#3 Image of the match: First head goal: 14.7% of all images

#4 Image of the match: Mario Balotelli celebrating first goal: 12.5%

#5 Image of the match: Mario Balotelli in action during the match: 12%

#6 Image of the match: shirtless Balotelli joined by teammates to celebrate second goal: 11.1%

The figure below shows the distribution of all post game news photos about Mario Balotelli’s performance in Intaly vs Germany Euro 2012 semifinal.