#VaportiNacho. How Twitter Helped Marina to fullfil a dream for Nacho: be with Bruce Sprinsteen

This is a story that many people know about it right now in Spain.

This is again a story born in the social media.

It created virality and moved from social media to traditional media.

And finally reached real world.

We want to show how this story was created and developed in Twitter. As explained by their protagonists.

Marina Jaume wished a very special gift for his boyfriend Nacho Hurtado.

Nacho lives in Majorca, in Balearic Islands, Spain. He is a 20 years old Engineering student.

Marina wanted Bruce Springsteen to dedicate a song for Nacho during his unique concert in Spain, in Madrid, 17 June 2012.

The reason? Nacho loves Bruce Sprinsteen’s music with passion.

In fact, Nacho got a ticket to attend the concert, as a birthday gift. He showed it proudly:

This was a tweet by 17 May 2012.

His last tweet was one by 31 May 2012, showing a pic with a friend taken several years before.

Nacho died of cancer by 7 June 2012.

He was fighting against it for two years.

We will enter now inside the strange public-privacy that Twitter enables as free open space of communication. We do it full of respect for the people appearing in the following tweets. As they shared their views and intimate feelings openly, we want to share with readers of this blog the collection of tweets as a complete story, full of humanity and valuable lessons.

At that moment, he was perfectly aware that he would not be able to attend the concert, but he even made jokes about it.

Marina still posted pics with Nacho around these days, sending support to him.

She retweeted this message the day before he passed away:

(When love fits in a flower, it becomes infinity). Juan Carlos Hurtado is nacho’s father. 

The day Macho died, Marina posted again a crossed message of love by 26 May 2012

And Nacho’s father also posted that day a deeply touching farewell message:

(The Little Prince took his horse and begins his journey of no return. ‘Colorin Colorado’ this wonderful story is over)


As she did during Nacho’s last weeks, she expressed and shared her sorrow using Twitter

This was a mourning shared with other Nacho’s close friends


By 14 June, Marina retweets the message from a friend. He was asking ‘The Boss’ to sing a song for Macho.

It all started by 12 June 2012. This is a tweet from Nacho’s dad

And then, Marina and friends launched a Twitter campaign to gain support for reaching a goal that they could never obtain before social media era: letting know and pushing Bruce Springsteen to sing a song for Nacho in just three days.

They send a call to different public people and celebrities, like Spanish TV show anchor Buenafuente. First objective: expand the message, try to make it a Twitter TT (Trending Topic)

One day after, celebrities started to react and share and promote the hashtag #vaportiNacho

They got the TT by 15 June 2012

Now, they still persisted, in order to ensure pressure. This was crucial to ensure the reaction by newspapers.

Newspapers finally reacted to the call.
One of the leading newspapers in Spain, El Mundo, published an article about the story. The title of the article was of course #vaportinacho (see El Mundo, 16 June 2012). Traditional media nourrishes social media viral stories: the article was linked as tweet content 967 times. Was published as ‘I like’ Facebook content 608 times.

Then came TV news, more articles and sustained social media virality. Some examples

#vaportiNacho appeared in the TT list many times between 15 June and 17 June 2012.

Again a post from his father

Tweets continued


June 17 2012
Marina commented which were Nacho’s favorite songs

She was in fact giving this information to Springsteen’s representatives in Spain (look, this all was again through social media communication).

The Concert
Marina lost internet connection during the concert

And in between…


This, Bruce Springsteen tweet:

And the media came back to the story



The bio of @marinajaume in June 2012 was:

El hombre y la mujer han nacido para amarse, pero no para vivir juntos. Los amantes célebres de la historia vivieron siempre separados.

Man and woman are born to be in love, bot not for living together. Famous lovers in history lived always separated.


This is a story of how social media creates new communication and new stories. I hope that this will be also an inspiring story for some of you.

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