Stars of Spain Vs Ireland 4-0 Euro 2012. Torres, Torres, Cesc Fabregas – Media Impact Analysis

We analyze in this post the media impact of football match Spain Vs Ireland, in our series of media coverage analysis of Euro 2012 games.

We apply image content analysis of photos in newspapers the day after the match. We have chosen as ‘neutral’ market news published in French. News in German produce a very similar result.

Spain, current UEFA Euro champion completely dominated the game, and defeated Ireland 4-0, last 14 June 2012. Spain needs a draw in Game 3 day against Croatia to classify for knock out phase. Ireland, with two games losts has been already eliminated from the competition.

The score was:

1-0, Fernando Torres, Spain, 4′

2-0 David Silva, 49′

3-0 Fernando Torres, 70′

4-0 Cesc Fàbregas, 89′

Fernando Torres was named the Man of the match by UEFA.

It is not difficult to guess that Fernando Torres was the star of the game, and the star in terms of post game media coverage. No sophisticated analysis is needed in this case to reach such a conclusion.

But image content analysis will be useful in order to determine how vast has been his domination in the media reports about the match. We have had previous cases in Euro 2012 with players scoring two goals in a match:

  • Bendtner, in Denmark Vs Portugal (match lost)
  • Alan Dzagoev, in Russia Vs Czech Republic (match won)

Dzagoev got 19.7% of all post game media attention. Bendtner got a small 7.3% (5th star of the match), which shows  that the media impact of individual sport perfomance depends strongly of team sport perfomance.

According to our results, we find that Fernando Torres gets 45% of post game media attention.

This is currently the record in all the measurments we made about the other matches of Euro 2012. This result tells us that the impact of Euro 2012 will be extremely benefitial for the media and brand value of Fernando Torres, if he mantains similar performance in upcoming matches.

Second star of the match is Cesc Fàbregas, the author of the last goal of the match. He scored also in the opening game againts Italy. Of course, media attention is much reduced in comparison to Torres. Cesc gets 10.1% media impact.

This star of the match is David Silva, with 8.2% media impact. He scored the second goal of the match.

Below, the list of top 10 stars of the match. Among players from Ireland, we find basically defenders and the goalkeeper.

Aggregating total numbers, we have, as expected, a complete domination of team Spain vs Ireland in post game media coverage in newspapers in French. Spain obtains a share of 77%, and Ireland just 23%

This is also a new record in presenr Euro 2012. Previous biggest media gap between teams was Russia Vs Czech Republic (4-1), where Russia received 71% of all post game media attention.