Stars of England Vs Sweden 3-2 Euro 2012 Game 2. Welbeck, Carroll, Mellberg, Walcott

This is a new post in our series about media impact analysis of football Euro 2012.

Now is England Vs Sweden. Final result was 3-2. Sweden is eliminated from the Euro 2012.

We proceed to a media impact analysis using image content analysis of photos used in news about the match. This time we select news in Spanish as ‘neutral’ market fro analysing media impact.

According to our analysis, top star of the game is Danny Welbeck, last scorer of the match that gave the final victory to England. He receives 15.1% of all photos about the match.

Source: DW

Second star of the match in terms of post game media impact is Andy Carroll. He scored the first goal of the match. He receives 14.9% share of media attention.

You can see here the list of top 10 players of the match, according to media coverage.

Overall, England team players received more media attention than Swedish.

England got a 58% share of photo visiblity of the match.