Stars of Germany Vs Portugal 1-0 Euro 2012 Game 1 – Mario Gómez, Cristiano Ronaldo

Another post in our series about the media impact analysis of Euro 2012 matches.

Now we analyse the match played 9 June 2012 in Group B, Germany Vs Portugal.

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Final result was 1-0 for Germany. The goal was scored by Mario Gómez, in minute 72. According to analysts, Germany did not play a good match and Portugal had some chances to obtain a better result. Mesut Özil was named by UEFA the Man of the match.

Even if Portugal is not one of the big favorites to win the championship, this team counts with the biggest football star in the tournament, Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to our measurements, published in our ‘Football Media Value Report 2012’, Cristiano Ronaldo is the second most valuable player in the world in terms of global media impact during the season 2011/12, only behind FC Barcelona mega star Leo Messi.

You can check below the list of top 10 players in the world by media value, according to our estimations (you can find more about the Football Media Value Report 2012 in a previous post in this blog (see here).

This means that Cristiano Ronaldo is the leading media star in the Euro 2012, as Leo Messi is from Argentina. There are another six players playing in the Euro 2012 among world top 10: Xavi (Spain), Rooney (England), Ibrahimovic (Sweden), Van Persie (The Netherlands), Inesta (Spain) and Terry (England).

We have monitored the share of photos in news after the match, as in previous posts. We have selected news in English.

We show first the distribution of global media attention to both teams, as shown in the figure below. We find that post game media attention was oriented towards players from Germany, the winning team. germany received 60% of all image news.

Concerning the individual ranking, we find that the main star of the game was again the scorer Mario Gómez, with 19.2% of all photo news about the game. He is tied in first position by Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

Both strikers dominate completely post-game media attention, as third player receives just 5.7% mentions in photos. This is Jerome Boateng. He appears many times in his defensive role, stopping and tackling his opponent, Cristiano Ronaldo.

We find German coach Joachim Löw among top stars of the match. This happened only once, in game England Vs France, with French coach Laurent Blanc.