Stars of Denmark Vs The Netherlands 1-0 Euro 2012 Game 1: Krohn-Dehli, Sneijder, van Persie, Kvist

The third match of the Euro 2012 that we analyse in terms of media impact.

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As in previous cases, we show how media has driven attention to the players of the match. We proceed to an analysis of photos used in news about the game. Please check previous post for knowing more about the approach used.

Denmark defeated Netherlands by 1-0, with a goal scored by Michael Krohn-Dehli. This victory is considered the first surprise of the tournament. Krohn-Dehli was named the Man of the match.

According to our results, global post-game photo news coverage is quite balanced between both teams. Denmark football players receive 52% of all references, and 48% The Netherlands.

We have in the next table the list of top 10 stars of the match, according to post-game presence in the photo news.

Our data say that, as expected, Michael Krohn-Dehli is the absolute reference of the match, with 23% of all media impact. We find as second star of the game, well behind the leader Wesley Sneijder (NL), with 10.6% mentions. Third player is Robin van Persie (NL) with 9.9% mentions.