Stars of Russia Vs Czech Republic 4-1 Euro 2012 Game 1: Dzagoev, Shirokov, Arshavin

Second post in our series measuring the media impact of of UEFA Euro 2012 matches.

We are monitoring who are the stars of the matches by media coverage received. We focus our analysis in photos used by the media. More explanations about our approach in the previous post.

Now we show results concerning the game Russia Vs Czech Republic. The game was played on 8 June 2012 and final result was 4-1 for Russia.

Score evolution was:

1-0: Alan Dzagoev

2-0: Roman Shirokov

3-0: Alan Dzagoev

3-1: Václav Pilar

4-1: Roman Pavlyuchenko

No red cards.

Alan Dzagoev was named the Man of the Mach by FIFA jury.

We present first the result concerning the media attention generated by each team after the match, by photos publiched in news in English.

As expected, Russian players capture massively media attention, as they are chosen as image reference of news in 71% of all cases. Only in 29% there are images of players from Czech Republic. This gap is in line with the game result.

According to our results, this is the list of top 5 stars of the match:

1st: Alan Dzagoev (Russia), 19.7% of all media impact

2nd star: Roman Shirokov, Russia, 13.1%

3rd star: Andrei Arshavin, Russia, 13.1%

4th star: Konstantin Zyryanov, Russia, 9.1%

5th star: Michal Kadlec, Czech Republic, 7.4%