Stars of Poland Vs Greece 1-1 Euro 2012 Game 1: Lewandowski, Salpigidis, Szczesny

We launch a new series of media impact analysis, applied again to sports.

We will provide in this blog our results about some features concerning media impact analysis of football UEFA Euro 2012.

For readers coming from regions not familliar with football (soccer), UEFA Euro is the European Football Championship. This is the leading national sport team competition in Europe, and the final tournament with 16 teams is played every four years. Hosting countries of Euro 2012 are Poland and Ukraine. The competition started yesterday 8 June 2012, and the grand final will be played 1st July 2012. Current champion is Spain (title won in Euro 2008, in Austria and Switzerland).

Our aim is to provide very dynamic information about the impact of the competition. Among all different possible metrics (news, tweets, Youtube views) we have chosen one that is well suited for our purposes: the analysis of photos from news.

We have used the photo analysis technique in previous posts in this blog, like the measurement of the impact of violence in Barcelona during a general strike in Spain, or the impact of a very aggressive promotion by Telepizza.

The interests of photo news analysis is that the journalist is forced to select just one photo that captures the essence of the message explained in the article. The journalist can develop in the body of the article a detailed analysis of a game report explaining and considering the role and contribution of many football players. But the selection of the photo allows to include just one action, one movement of the game, reflecting the choice of who the protagonists of the game are.

Using techniques developed by Media, Reputation and Intangibles, Universidad de Navarra, we monitor and analyze the photos used by the media from countries all over the world for news about the football games. You will find more information about the methodology used at the end of this post.

We analyze the stars of game Poland Vs Greece.

Final result was 1-1. Poland scored first in minute 17, goal by Robert Lewandowski. Greek player Sokratis Papastathopoulos was expulsed from the match in minute 44 after receiveing two very controversial yellow cards by referee Carlos Velasco from Spain. Greece came back to 1-1 thanks to a goal scored by Dimitris Salpigidis. Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny received a red card for provoking a penalty in minute 69. Penalty was shoot by Giorgos Karagounis and was stopped by Przemysław Tytoń. Polish scorer Robert Lewandowski was officially named the Man of the Match by UEFA jury.

First we show the overall distribution of post game media attention between the two teams.

According to our results, football players from Greece have greater media exposure, as they capture some 56% cases of images about the game. Players from Poland appear in 44% photos about the game. Even if there was no winner in the game score, media provide more media coverage to Greece, which probably suggest that journalists consider that Greece deserved a better final score.

We present now our ranking of the stars of the game Poland Vs Greece, according to their image media impact.

1. Top star of the match: Robert Lewandowski, with 17.6% media impact.

2nd star of the match Poland Vs Greece: Dimitris Salpigidis, with 16.8% media impact.

3rd star of the match Poland Vs Greece: Wojciech Szczesny, with 13.2% media impact.

4th star of the match Poland Vs Greece: Sokratis Papastathopoulos, with 11.3% media impact.

5th star of the match Poland Vs Greece: Przemyslaw Tyton, with 5.9% media impact.

6th star of the match Poland Vs Greece: Kostas Chalkias, with 5.1% media impact.

In the next table you can find the table of top 10 stars of the game Poland Vs Greece.