Pep Guardiola: Last Match at Camp Nou. Tribute Photos, Video Guardiola With Family

There are a number of people arriving to this blog looking for information about the last match of Pep Guardiola as FC Barcelona coach at Camp Nou, FC Barcelona Vs Espanyol 4-0.

Original content about tribute to Pep Guardiola plus a video of Pep Guardiola and family in the pitch after the game was included as documents in Appendix 3 of the blog entry

Will Football Coach Pep Guardiola Quit FC Barcelona? Yes, Twitter Sentiment Analysis Say

If you visit that entry you will find information about perceptions in Twitter about Guardiola’s professional future before the press conference was held. We show also which coaches were mentioned by Twitter users as possible or favorite coach replacing Pep. Leading choice was Marcelo Bielsa (56.7% mentions). Tito Vilanova was considered only by 2.8% people.

We have decided to duplicate in this post the content directly related with tribute to pep Guardiola in the last game, to facilitate the access to the content.

You can find here:

1. Video tribute by club and fans to Pep Guardiola during his last match at Camp Nou (May 5, 2012). Duration: 12:41. We have added a translation in English of Pep Guardiola’s farewell speech. We have also included the lyrics of song ‘Que tinguem sort’ (Lluís Llach) with a translation in English.

2. High quality photos about the events.

3. A  video plus photos about pep Guardiola with family after the match at the end of that post.

4. Update: we have included a video documentary by catalan TV TV3 about Pep Guardiola’s role in FC Barcelona ‘El cercle del 4’. Mostly in catalan. 38 minutes long. An exceptional document.

UPDATE: Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich. Social Media Impact Analysis.

We will include in the future  a new entry in this blog concerning Twitter analysis of #GraciesPep tweets, to identify which are the main elements of personal brand excellence as perceived by FC Barcelona fans and football lovers in general.

1. Last Game of Pep Guardiola in Camp Nou: FC Barcelona Vs Espanyol 4-0, May 5, 2012

Video: official video by FC Barcelona with tribute at Camp Nou, in his last game. Duration: 12:41

2. Pep Guardiola’s speech in farewell tribute, in English.

Good evening everyone, it seems that life has made me this gift, for five years I could have you so close to me, enjoy this wonderful show that these guys have been giving all along. I am no different from you, I am as privileged as you. Know the appreciation that I take home with me, this feeling is so dear, so dear, …what I’ve seen today, all the time, every day, you wouldn’t believe the feelings and happiness that I take with me.

Thanks to absolutely everyone, especially those who have been closer, because day by day we’ve been working harder for you to enjoy and have a good time watching the game play, simple as that, and you, that may not be so so close, we’ve felt you so close too.

I’ve the most to lose, I’m the one who will miss you all, I leave you in the absolutely best hands and the players you have seen all along during this period of time.

The belt too tight now I loosened, my dears you don’t have to follow me. Keep your belts tight, because all this is going to last for pretty long. I wish you all the best and the best of lucks. See you soon back, you’ll never lose me, ever.

Translation by Youtube user ‘ciroaisa’

3. Lyrics of song ‘Que tinguem sort’ in Catalan and in English

Besides Coldplay’s Viva la Vida (a song that become an anthem in first season with six titles won), there is abother song used live in the Camp Nou tribute (2:40-4:40). This is ‘Que tinguem sort’, by catalan folk singer Lluís Llach. It is a song of new life commitments and endeavors and farewell. I show here the lyrics and a translation provided by Albert Cla (source

Que tinguem sort                                                                       May we have luck


Si em dius adeu                                                                           If you say goodbye

vull que el dia sigui net i clar                                                 I want the day to be clean and clear,

que cap ocell trenqui                                                                may any bird brokes

l’harmonia del seu cant                                                            the harmony of it’s singing

que tinguis sort,                                                                          may you have luck,

i que trobis el que t’ha mancat en mi                                 and find what you have missed in me

Si em dius et vull                                                                        If you say I want you

que el sol faci el dia molt més llarg                                     may the sun make the day much longer

i així robar temps                                                                      and so stealing time

al temps d’un rellotge aturat                                                 at time of a stopped clock

que tinguem sort                                                                        may we have luck,

i que trobem tot el que ens va mancar ahir                    and may we find all we were lack of yesterday

I així pren                                                                                     And so, take

I així pren                                                                                     And so, take

tot el fruit que et pugui donar                                              all the fruit that it could give you

el camí que poc a poc escrius per demà                          the way that you write little by little for tomorrow

que demà, que demà,                                                             as tomorrow, as tomorrow

mancarà el fruit de cada pas                                                we’ll lack of the fruit of each step

per aixó malgrat la boira cal caminar so,                       in spite of the fog, we must walk

Si vens amb mi                                                                          If you come with me

no demanis un camí planer                                                 don’t ask for a plain road

ni estels d’argent                                                                      nor silver stars

ni un demà ple de promeses,                                              nor a tomorrow full of promises

sols un poc de sort                                                                  just a bit of luck

i que la vida ens doni un camí més llarg                        and may life give us a longer road

I així pren                                                                                  And so, take

I així pren                                                                                  And so, take

tot el fruit que et pugui donar                                           all the fruit that it could give you

el camí que poc a poc escrius per demà,                      the way that you write little by little for tomorrow

que demà, que demà,                                                           as tomorrow, as tomorrow

mancarà el fruit de cada pas                                             we will lack the fruit of each step

per aixó malgrat la boira cal caminar                           and so, even the fog, we must walk

You can watch here a Youtube video with Lluis Llach ‘Que tinguem sort’ song with subtitle lyrics in Spanish.

4. Photos

Source: Lluis Gene, El País.

Source: Manu Fernández, El País

Source: Pep Morata, El Mundo Deportivo.

Source: Josep lago, El País

Source: Lluis Gene, El País

Source: Joan Lanuza, Mundo Deportivo.

Source: Pere Puntí, Mundo Deportivo

Source: Gustau Macarino, El País.

Source: Pere Puntí, Mundo Deportivo

Source: Pere Puntí. Mundo Deportivo.

Source: David Ramos, El País

Source: David Ramos, El País

Source: FC Barcelona

You can view the original photo galleries here: Gallery Mundo Deportivo, Game gallery El País,

5. Video: Pep Guardiola in the pitch with family after his last match in Camp Nou (in Catalan)

Watch the video here


Source: Pep Lago, La Vanguardia

Source: Joan Ignasi Paredes, Diario Sport

Source: M. Ruíz, FC Barcelona, Via Mundo Deportivo.

6. Video report ‘El cercle dels 4. Els capitans del Barça parlen de Pep Guardiola’

This is an extraordinary documentary produced by catalan TV Tv3, 6 june 2012. This is a HD 38 minutes lenght video. This is mainly a document in catalan, with some Spanish (Iniesta talking). And a lot of images of best moments of Pep Guardiola in Barcelona: Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 2-6, 5-0, Barcelona Vs Manchester United 2-0, 3-1. Iniesta’s goal Vs Chelsea 2009.

Here in catalan the introduction to the video by the authors:

El cercle del 4 és un reportatge del departament d’Esports de TV3 que fa un repàs dels quatre anys de Pep Guardiola com a entrenador del F. C. Barcelona a través de la mirada i les opinions dels seus quatre capitans: Carles Puyol, Xavier Hernández, Andrés Iniesta i Víctor Valdés.

Els quatre capitans del Barça han volgut fer un particular homenatge de comiat al seu “míster” a través del programa i, per això, en un to molt personal expliquen les seves reaccions de sorpresa després de conèixer la decisió de Guardiola de deixar el club, analitzen i interpreten els motius de la marxa del tècnic, recorden les seves primeres converses del 2008 amb Guardiola, repassen els seus millors records d’aquests quatre anys, escullen les imatges que no oblidaran mai i trien el millor partit.

Però, sobretot, els quatre capitans demostren el seu orgull pel model i el futbol que ha jugat sempre l’equip de Pep Guardiola, fins al final. Un estil que els ha permès guanyar-se el respecte del sempre exigent públic del Camp Nou que els va acomiadar amb una de les ovacions més grans que es recorda després de la derrota contra el Chelsea quan els va deixar fora de la final de la Champions de Munic.

“El cercle del 4” és un reportatge de 35 minuts de durada realitzat per l’equip habitual del “Hat-trick Barça”: Bernat Miró, Txus Muñoz, Xavi Torres i Santi Padró amb l’ajuda de Patrici Giménez i la producció de Maria Colomer.

7. Videos: Gracies Pep

FC Barcelona – Gràcies Pep. An official tribute by FC Barcelona. Duration: 1:31 This is the video that is shown in stadium screens during the tribute.

El socio culé se despide de Pep, Via LigaBBVA. Duration: 1:22

Guardiola y su adiós en familia, in Spanish, via LigaBBVA. Duration: 0:56

Pep Guardiola Press Conference after FC Barcelona Vs Espanyol, last game. In English. Duration: 1:12


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