Stop SOPA Take Action Day – Key Players: Measures of Social Media Influence, Commitment and Relevance

17 January 2011 was a milestone in internet era history. A coalition of internet based companies and organization launcehd a joint action in order to show their concern and opposition to the current draft of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), to be initially discussed and eventually adopted by the US Senate by the end of January 2012.

The companies wanted to alert users, public opinion and traditional media about what they consider as actual or potential risks of SOPA application for internet development, freedom and specially freedom of speech. Many companies and organizations called also internet users to react and show disapproval to representatives.

A way chosen by many sites is to launch a voluntary blackout, and thus creating a sort of internet strike.

Media and social impact has been massive, and this action will probably produce also political adjustments.

We present in this entry some findings about this unprecedented collective action, by using results from media coverage and media impact analysis.

We present first which are the companies and organizations that have received media attention by United States newspapers. Results are presented in the figure below.

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