Companies in Europe Most Affected by Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, Fukushima Nuclear Crisis, by Media Impact

Update March 27: the list with the American companies most affectd by the Japanese disaster and the nuclear crisis has been published in a new post.

This blog is mainly oriented to provide empirical results concerning the impact of Wikileaks in terms of media reputation. In precedent posts we showed which where the companies most exposed to Wikileaks crisis in terms of media impact in America and Europe.

Now we use a similar technique to show to the readers of this post which are the companies most affected by the Japanese disaster. This first post in this business oriented series refers to companies from Europe. Companies monitored are those included in Europe Stoxx 600 Index. Future posts will refer to American and Asian companies.

Our European Companies Media Impact about Japan disaster is calculated with news worldwide referring to Japan earthquake or Fukushima nuclear crisis up to March 20 2011. A media impact value 1.0 means that this company has received an amount of news linked to Japan disaster in an equal number that the average 600 companies listed in the Stoxx 600 Index.

Some companies are most affected by the tsunami, and others by the nuclear crisis and its implications. We show in column 4 and 5 in the table if media coverage refers mostly to one event or the other. Three stars indicate that in comparison to average, this company is strongly associated to one of the events. Two stars also reflect a high bias to one of the events, but lower than the first case.

According to our results, the company from Europe most afected, at least in terms of media coverage is Royal Dutch-Shell, with 43.2 points of media value. This means that Royal Dutch has appeared in the media in news related to Japanese disasters 43 times more than the average of all companies checked. Second company in the list is French EDF (34.3 points), followed by Lufthansa (34.1 points).

First companies in the list are mailny affected by the nuclear crisis and operate in the energy industry. As the crisis is still open, their media exposure will continue to grow. We find many financial and insurance companies between position 5 and 20. They are all oriented to earthquake and tsunami news.

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