Wikileaks Media Coverage by Countries

In one of our initial post we showed figures of the countries most affected by Wikileaks revelations, as appearing in news directly related to Wikileaks US State Department cables.

Now, instead of the destination, we show the origin: where do the news about Wikileaks come from? As in the data base of MRI Universidad de Navarra we identify every news by the npublishing newspaper, we can also perfom a geographical analysis of the sources. In this post we show the share of the main countries and regions of the world in the global media coverage reached by the Wikileaks case.

We have separated our analysis into three blocks, in order to provide a comparison of relative national media attention to Wikileaks in relation with the different stages of the case: first stage refers to media national attention before US State Department cables release, focused on Iraq war revelations; second stage corresponds to the media impact in the initial stages of US State Department cables; third stage covers news appearing after mid-December, more related to ongoing political crisis and to the controversies lilnked to Julian Assange judicial case.

Pre US State Department cables leaks that media attention to Wikileaks revelations was rather massive from German press. This huge interest is due to the news about the participation of German troops in Afghanistan, but also specific leaks related to the Love Parade stampede in Duisburg and its planning. United States foreign policy was already hit at that time because of the massive leaks about the Afghan war. US newspapers generated 26.4% oll all Wikileaks media impact.

The second graph reflect the global reception of the initial revelations of the content of leaks coming from US State Department cables. It refrs to the aftermath of it, to the first two weeks, that experienced a massive increase of media attention. US newspapers increase their share to 30.7% of global media attention. As German newspapers lose wieght because Wikileaks becomes a global media issue, other regions of the world increase their presence in propalating Wikileaks news. This is specially the case for the Asia region, and European region outside the big 6 countries.

The third period covered in this analysis refers to news published in 2011, upt to mid February. The flow of new leaks content has diminished dramatically. Media attention now considers the Wikileaks case in relation with the legal pursuit to its founder, Julian Assange. New leaks in this period are tipically related with the appearence of new political conflicts, like the revolution and unrest experienced in Tunisia and Egypt, and in almost all Arab countries.

In the new context, the weight of US newspapers diminishes again, moving from a share of 30.7% to 24.4%. The weight of United Kingdom press almost double, in line with the fact that this country is affected by the legal prosecution to Julian Assange as he was arrested in British territory and is pending on extradition decision. French and African press increase their relative presence: again in line with the ongoing events in Northern Africa. Americas (including Canada and excluding US media) also increase their share.


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