Egypt and Tunisia: Twin Wikileaks Stories? (II)

As a first complement to our precedent post concerning the analysis of the political crisis in Egypt relying on Wikileaks media coverage, we compare the news profile of Tunisia and Egypt to Pakistan.

In the previous post we have shown that media portrays a different storyline of Wikileaks information from Tunisia and Egypt. As we conducted the same analysis presenting the Pakistan case well before in our blog, the aim of this post is to merger the three cases to show the differences and similarities on how media analyses each country profile when using Wikileaks sources.

Applying the comparative analysis, we find that the focus when referring to Pakistan is terrorism and corruption, while human rights and dictatorship issues dominate in Tunisia and Egypt media coverage. We confirm once again that Wikileaks does not generate an uniform set of issues and cocnerns in term of media coverage.

Moving to the graph that we presented in the precedent post as more in line with the current unrest and political crisis, the comparative analysis confirms that the use of Wikileaks sources is somehow “contaminated” by ongoing local events. By comparison, “unrest”, “violence” or “revolutionnaires”, or even “freedom” and “crisis” are unrelated to Pakistan Wikileaks news profile.