Index of Wikileaks Media Impact (II), by January 23 2011

One month ago we published a post showing the trend of global media coverage of Wikileaks related news. We show now the up to date situation, with the time evolution during January 2011. The precedent graph included values till Dec 27 2010. We have marked that point with a big dot in the updated information.

Remember that value 100 corresponds to the level of global media attention reached in the first week of December. Maximum levels were reached by mid December, to some 120 points. At the end of the first published measurement, we already observed a clear decling path, and Wikileaks Index of Media Attention was at some 50-70 points.

In the following weeks the drop of media coverage continued regularly, without reaching the bottom. Only the series linked to news related to head of States has found out a minimum, while news related to countries and companies are still in the downward trend, still looking for the bottom. The lose of media attention is smoother since the third week of January.

In can also be observed a clear common path in terms of media content trend, as all three series follow exactly the same path and rythms. Right now all series converge to the same value, around 20 points. Is means that news produced worldwide in relation with Wikileaks are some five times lower in number that the amount published in the aftermath of the initial revelations. Remember that we use in this graph 30 days moving average values.

It is known that the selected newspapers counting with all US State Department secrets have decided since some weeks to stop in practice the publication of substantial amounts of new documents. Wikileaks media attention, even if substantially lower than in the intial stages is sustained with the evolution of the peripeties linked to Julian Assange, to the use of Wikileaks information to help to explain the Tunisian political crisis and more recently to the offering of new confidential information coming from the Swiss bank Julius Baer.

Future evolution of the Wikileaks Index will clearly depend on the publication of new secrets, and on the timing of publication of new affaires unconnected with US Department of State cables (US bank communications, Julius Baer documents or other).


One thought on “Index of Wikileaks Media Impact (II), by January 23 2011

  1. If WikiLeaks was at all intelligent, they would have leaked as much inflammatory material up front as possible. I suspect we’ve now moved into a period where they have less exciting material to leak, with the exception of some very subject-specific material which may appear in response to relevant news stories becoming prominent.

    So, in response, I’d guess that the media is settling into using WikiLeaks as an interesting source and that’s pretty much it. At the rate WikiLeaks is posting new documents it will take them years to get through their cache. They can’t very well expect the papers to give them front-page space for that entire period.

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