Companies in Europe Most Affected by Wikileaks

We showed in one of our first posts the list of American companies most affected by Wikileaks news. Now we present the same result applied to companies based in European countries. Our data set is all Stoxx 600 Europe Index by Dow Jones, including top 600 listed companies.

Media impact in the table (column 5) refers to the number of news received directly related to any Wikileaks issue published around the world, as comparison to average media attention received by all 600 companies.

The company most affected by Wikileaks in Europe is BP, British Petroleum. It reach 98 points of media impact: BP has appeared in news related to Wikileaks some 100 times more than the average of all 600 companies. Number two is Lloyds, the financial services provider, with 39 points, and third comes Royal Dutch, with 29 points.

Top four companies in the list are based in Great Britain, and 10 out of top 20 companies affected by Wikileaks come from this country. Germany counts with 3 companies in the list, France and Italy 2. Other countries present are Spain, Finland and  Switzerland.

Oil sector companies are in the top of the list. There are five financial and Banking sector companies, but not in leading positions. In the American list they topped the list. It was because they were linked to the controversy of actions against Wikileaks organization as service providers. There are no companies in Europe affected in a such way in our data set. It is true neverthless that the most affected company in Europe is not in our table, because it does not rank among top 600 firms. The Swiss Postfinance was one of the firms affected by the controversy. It’s actual media impact level is 165, by far the biggest one.

Further comparing the American with the European list, we observe that in America there are more technological companies affected, while in Europe there are more telecommunications companies.

Many of the companies in the list are associated in the media with Wikileaks because they are subject of revelations linked to international activities and decisiones, transmitted by different American embassies. But some of them are object of news as passive actors, because they appeared in a list of strategical sites and firms in the world, like BASF.

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