Wikileaks Issues Viewed from: Leading Newspapers in Pakistan

This post is a complement of the precedent one, where we have shown the results of how Wikileaks issues are treated inside an specific country, Pakistan in this case.

Now we present additional information concerning the views emerging from some of the reference newspapers in Pakistan. We have selected the following five newspapers: The News International, The Express Tribune, Daily Times, The Nation and Business Recorder. They are all newspapers publishing in English, with a substantial circulation and tradition. We count for each one of them with at least 50 different articles referring to Wikileaks.

In the first two graphs we show a global picture of how they behave covering Wikileaks issues. We estimate the results by the coefficient of correlation concerning the relative place given in each newspaper to top 30 and top 100 Wikileaks issues. In the first graph we compare local newspapers behaviour to the average of all international journals (excepting US newspapers). If we consider top 100 issues, all newspapers in Pakistan behave similarly, with a coefficient aroung 0,7. If we restrain the analysis to just top 30 issues, we observe a variety of movements. Business Recorder and The News International are the newspapers showing views more similar to international average. In the other extreme, The Express Tribune appears to be concerned or interested in issues covered differently by international press.

The following graph contains the same information, but this time we compare individual behaviour against coverage given by all newspapers in Pakistan. Of course, the level of similarity raises, to 0,8-0,9 levels. The News International is the newspaper that covers Wikileaks issues more in line with overall treatment inside Pakistan.

Finally, in the next two graphs we represent a selection of top single issues related with Wikileaks, and we show the relative importance given to them by each one of the leading newspapers.


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