Index of Wikileaks Media Impact, by December 27th

In this post we show our estimation of an index of Wikileaks Media Impact. It has been built by three complementary measures. We check the relative weight of Wikileaks news on all news referred to all countries, all Head of State and Government and top 600 American and European companies. We run 30-day moving average measures.

All three measures behave clearly following the same path. The world observed a media shock after the initial revelations and subsequent controversies. The peak has been reached two weks ago, in the midst of cablesmrevealed, Julian Assange arrest in Britain and measures adopted to block Wikileaks site movements.

We observe a continuous declining trend since mid-december. For instance, the Company Sub Index takes now a value of 72 points, ahead of the maximum of 122 points two weeks ago. The Sub Indexes of Head of States and Countres experiences also near to 50% from their maxima.

In our future measures we will further check the evolution of this index, crucial to evaluate the extent of the dammage of Wikileaks revelations.