Companies Reputation: Chevron Case

We start disclosing with this post some examples of our analysis on media reputation of brands, and how they are currently affected by Wikileaks revelations. This analysis comes directly from techniques developped at MRI Universidad de Navarra. Brand Media Reputation is measured by the degree of association to any specific brand to brand components and vectors. This analysis is based in text content analysis of every news in our data set.

The presentation of our results in diamonds is quite self explicative: we have grouped brand components that behave similarly, forming together a brand vector. A big diamond implies that there is a strong media reputation association between a specific brand an this brand vector. Our metholodoly allows us to compare any brand, or its evolution in time. In this case, we check the impact of Wikileaks news on Chevron media reputation. Blue diamonds refers to Chevron media reputation taking into account all news related to this company. Orange diamond shows media reputation of Chevron news related to Wikileaks issues.

Apparently, Chevron is present in some cables linked to possible oil business in Iran, a country submitted to a commercial embargo by th USA.

We count with a number of diverse brand vectors. We present here as example four of them, related to “Scandal” and “Tragedy”, ”Impressive” and “Innovative”.

Our empirical results are quite conclusive: Wikileaks news are actually dammaging Chevron precerived reputation, as they increase substantially its association with “Scandal” and “Tragedy”. It also tends to harm positive media reputation association, specially when considering the “Impressive” vector.