Share of Wikileaks related news in European, American and Asian Countries

 The following results show how present are Wikileaks related news. The way we have selected to analyze this point is to measure the share of Wikileaks related news by the local media in each country in comparison with all news produced related to each item selected (United States, Washington DC, Obama and George W Bush).

First three graphs are the example of all news referring to the USA and to Washington DC, and the share of them that were related to the Wikileaks crisis. We show the examples of some selected countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. In almost all countries Wikileaks related news play a relevant role. The lowest weight in comparison with all news related to the USA is taken apparently in Germany, the Netherlands and France in Europe. In the Americas, the lowest relative presence comes in Canada and Jamaica and in Asia, in the Philippines and India.

In the other side, the countries most sensible to Wikileaks related news in comparison with all news referred to the USA or Washingon DC are the following: Sweden (more than 20% of all news), Belgium and Italy in Europe; Guatemala, Argentina, Cuba and Costa Rica in Americas (all above a level of 15% of all news); Sri Lanka, Qatar and Israel in Asia, the continent apparently most sensible to Wikileaks cables (more than 20%). Australia is also a country highly sensitive to Wikileaks news (a level of 22%).

Our results are in line with some expectations: Julian Assange’s home country (Australia)and country related with the judicial case for sex abuse (Sweden) are top ranked countries in terms of Wikileaks news interest. We find also this result concerning Britain, presenting a level of relative interest of 10%, low in global terms, but high in comparison with other European neighbours.

Another finding linked to our results is that the countries where a local newspaers is destilating the news are not counted among those most focused in this crisis. This is the case for Germany (a mere 3% level, with Der Spiegel), France (5%, Le Monde), and Spain (8%, El País).

In the following three graphs we replicate the same exercice than before, but this time we analyze the weight of Wikileaks news inside everu country in the news related to Barack Obama and George Bush.

We find that in general, the share of Wikileaks related news is higher for President George W Bush than for Barack Obama. Local exceptions are Switzerland, The Netherlands and Ireland in Europe; Guatemala and Costa Rica in Central America, and Sri Lanka in Asia.

In many cases, the share of Wikielaks news are higher whith political leaders than with the country or the capital, with some exceptions.

Frankly speaking, we are surprised to see that in some countries it appears a huge percentage of Barack Obama news directly linked to Wikileaks: Belgium, Italy, Venezuela, Canada, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Israel, Pakistan. Depending on how this measure evolve in time, Wikileaks crisis may become a relevant issue for international image and reputation of Barack Obama.