American Firms Affected by Wikileaks News

In this post we show the current list of the top 20 American firms most affected by news directly related to Wikileaks. We apply the same methodology that in the case of Heads of State in the precedent post: a value of 10 points of media impact means that this firm has received an amount of news related to Wikileaks that are ten times higher than the average of news received by all 600 companies listed in the Stoxx 600 Index America provided by Dow Jones.


According to our results, the American company most affected by Wikileaks news is Visa, with a huge media impact value of 156 points. The second company in the list is also a financial services provider, MasterCard, with a similar media impact of 153 points. Amazon comes third, but far away in terms of news received, as media impact is 81 points.

There is a predominance of technology internet oriented companies, with an increase of presence of firms in the banking and financial sector.

Some of the companies are related to Wikileaks as they are object of the revelations of the confidential US State Department communications. This is the case of Pfizer, Lehman Brothers, McDonald’s or Chevron. For these companies, reputation and brand image can be tarnished by the news appearences, and Wikileaks become for them a reputation crisis. They are not among the top 10 companies affected by the crisis, but the amount of global media impact is really substantial.

The second group of companies linked to the Wikileaks case are those externally affected by the revelations, but associated to the crisis because of the company decisions cocnerning the blockage of services to the Wikileaks organization. Our empirical results show that at this stage of the crisis, the predominance of this kind of news are overwhelming in comparison with the first type of news. At this point, it is unclear how does this extraordinary media exposure affect corporate reputation. In any case, our results show how important the Wikileaks crisis is in term of quantitative media impact.

In future posts we will show which is the share of Wikileaks news related to overall media impact of the affected companies.