Heads of State and Governement and Wikileaks (I)

In this first post where we start presenting our empirical results, we show who are the Head of State and Government which have been more referred to Wikileaks news around the world, during the first two weeks of press revelations.

As expected, US President Brack Obama is the leader in charge most affected by Wikileak crisis. He receives a global media attention of 70.4 points. This means that he has generated an amount of news related with Wikileaks that is 70 times higher than the average of news received by all national leaders. Russian Primer Minister Vladimir Putin comes number two, with 26 points of media attention. Third is Italian Silvio Berlusconi, with 23,7 points. Julia Gillard, from Australia, the home country of Julian Assange comes next. All top political and economic powers are present among top 10 countries, except China leaders, who do not even appear among top 20.

We find among top positions leaders from non democratic countries, or from countries in conflict.

Looking at the recent trend, we identify an upward relationship with Wikileaks issues with the leaders of the following countries: Australia, Germany, Cuba, Zimbawe, Sudan and Yemen.

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